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Jennifer Tierney - Owner/Founder, Certified Advanced NeurOptimal®  Trainer, NeurOptimal® Representative

Jennifer Tierney, having worked in high-level operational and financial management for more than 20 years, has experienced first-hand the pressure and struggles of having to constantly perform. This inspired her to create CŌR  Neuro, to provide a non-invasive and alternative way for employers to support their employees with their mental health and brain efficiencies to achieve peak performance. Jen utilizes NeurOptimal® neurofeedback technology to help individuals' find maximum success in all aspects of life as well.


Kristi Twomey - Certified NeurOptimal®  Trainer

Kristi Twomey is a certified NeurOptimal® trainer with COR Neuro.   After learning more about Neurofeedback and the many amazing health benefits, Kristi found that it goes hand in hand with what we are currently doing to help people to have better quality of lives.

This is one of the many reasons she's excited to be a part of COR Neuro.  Since making Neurofeedback a part of my better health routine, Kristi is happy to say it has helped to manage many of the ailments she had previously been struggling with.   


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