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Complete Guide to Neurofeedback Therapy With Neuroptimal

The brain is the most complex and remarkable organ that affects every aspect of our life. From the rate of our heartbeat, and management of physical movement to the regulation of emotions and thoughts, our brain plays an influential role in determining how we experience life. An optimized brain with healthy brain waves leads to a satisfactory and active lifestyle.

People with optimized brain functioning are able to adapt to changes effectively, manage stressors well, remain calm, and manage life challenges efficiently. So the importance of a well-optimized brain cannot be overstated. But the pressures, stresses, and challenges of life can easily affect brainwaves and overall brain functioning. The sub-optimal brain can have grave effects on our daily life and negatively impact how we deal with everyday problems.

However, brain functioning can be restored through Neurofeedback. It allows people to control their brain waves and develop healthier brain patterns consciously. This approach has been around for ages and has helped many patients improve their quality of life. Neuroptimal is the latest neurofeedback technology that tracks brain activity and gives feedback to help reset brain patterns. It is non-invasive and uses an organic learning approach. Want to know more? Read ahead.

What are Brainwaves and What Role Do They Play in Brain Functioning?

Our brain communicates with the body and regulates different bodily as well as cognitive functions through chemical and electrical means. Chemical means usually involve secretions of particular chemical compounds and hormones meanwhile electrical communication occurs through brainwaves.

There are five types of brainwaves i.e. alpha, beta, delta, gamma, and theta. Each wave has its own frequency, pattern, and function. Alpha waves are associated with meditation, relaxation, and a state of calmness. Meanwhile, Beta waves are most active when we need to be in a state of alertness, and concentration. Delta and Gamma rays are linked to deep sleep and a higher state of consciousness respectively.

Healthy and optimized brainwave patterns can lead to a well-balanced lifestyle and overall enhanced personal wellness. However, sometimes the patterns of waves lose the healthy balance, which can lead to absentmindedness, increased exhaustion, and poor sleep among many other problems.

For example, when you feel stressed or threatened, your brain releases beta waves to help you remain focused and cope with the situation. However, extended exposure to stress can cause chronic beta activity which disturbs the balance of brainwave patterns. The chronic activity of any of the five rays can have detrimental effects on your overall well-being and health.

What is Neurofeedback? How Can It Help Optimize the Brain Waves Pattern?

Neurofeedback tracks and measures the brainwave activity of a person and provides feedback, which is often visual and audio cues, to help them reset their brainwave balance. You can think of it like achieving self-control of brain functions but this is not something that can be accomplished overnight. Regular sessions of Neurofeedback can help patients recognize their brainwave patterns and the state of their brains.

Over time, they can also learn to create desired brain states like calmness and relaxation and avoid undesirable brain states like agitation. So the core concept of neurofeedback is quite simple: if proper feedback is provided to the brain about its activity, the brain can be trained to optimize its performance.

What is Neuroptimal? How Does it Work?

Neuroptimal is the latest non-invasive neurofeedback system that can monitor the brain’s activity millisecond-by-millisecond. It gives precise feedback after reading 256 brain data points of electrical output per second. This is the speed at which the brain communicates so Neuroptimal can efficiently keep up with brain activity and process data.

During a neurofeedback session with a Neuroptimal, the scalp is attached to some sensors so that brain activity can be tracked. Then the brain waves are measured and sent to the peculiar algorithm of Neuroptimal for analysis. Neuroptimal analyzes the brain data and gives feedback to the brain in the form of sound which acts as gentle reminders for the brain to stay alert and make better choices.

The point is to interrupt the habitual functioning of the brain and alert it so that it can recognize the current needs and focus on making decisions to address those needs. The system is based on the principle that the brain cannot make better choices if it keeps working habitually while essentially being asleep when it comes to all other matters.

What sets Neuroptimal apart is that it focuses on the self-regulation and self-correction ability of the brain. It provides the brain with feedback, alerts it, and provides it with the opportunity to self-correct.

What Sets Neuroptimal Apart from Other Neurofeedback Systems?

The following features set Neuroptimal apart from other neurofeedback systems:

1. Fully Automated System

You don’t necessarily need an administrator to run Neuroptimal. Its user-friendly interface enables even the layman to use it easily. Plus it has a software called AutoNav, which sets the protocol on its own. The previous generation of neurofeedback systems required constant adjustments and changes in protocol, but you don’t have to worry about any of that with Neuroptimal.

2. Non-Invasive

It does not send any outside stimuli like electricity, or vibration to the brain. During the training, the brain is not pushed in any direction, and neither any areas of the brain are targeted. Training through Neuroptimal is 100% non-invasive.

3. Organic Learning Process

As said earlier, Neurofeedback enhances the organic learning process of the brain. It allows the brain to self-correct and optimizes its wave activity by creating music interruptions.

4. Record and Analyze the Broadest Range of Brainwave:

Most neurofeedback systems can only analyze Alpha or Beta brainwaves. But Neuroptimal can monitor, record and analyze all five rays to provide accurate feedback at precise intervals for self-correction.

5. Optimizes the Overall Brain Functioning

Neuroptimal does not target any specific region of the brain. It assists in optimizing the overall brain functioning and restoring the balance in the brainwave pattern to improve the personal well-being of people.

Summing Up

Now you are familiar with the concept and principle that governs Neuroptimal and how it can be used to trigger the self-regulation abilities of the brain. This non-invasive neurofeedback system can help you optimize your brainwaves and achieve personal transformation. Last but not least, it can assist you in improving your mental faculties, attention span, logical abilities, sleep patterns, and overall personal well-being. So you should definitely give it a try if you often feel exhausted, absent-minded, and lost.

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