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Mental health is a growing concern in our society and its effects are wide-reaching. Poor mental health has been linked to issues in the workplace, such as decreased productivity, increased absenteeism, decrease in job satisfaction, and higher turnover rates. A recent WHO-led study estimates that depression and anxiety disorders cost the global economy US$ 1 trillion each year in lost productivity.

Corporate wellness is no longer just a buzzword; thanks to this new business, organizations have access to sophisticated biofeedback that allows employers to provide a non-invasive way for employees to work on and maintain their mental health. Neurofeedback has been widely used to address a variety of psychological, emotional, physical and cognitive issues including stress, poor sleep, anxiety and chronic pain. In a corporate and professional context, the use of neurofeedback can help employees with peak performance, efficiency, mental clarity and acuity, physical health and overall job satisfaction. It can be used to encourage organizational changes that boost morale and increase productivity.

The American Psychological Association reports 4 times higher rates of anxiety and depression in adults between April 2020 and August 2021. Despite increasing amounts of mental health issues, 82% of workers with a diagnosed mental illness do not inform their workplace managers about their condition. We need to start making changes now and end the stigma around both treating and discussing mental health in the workplace–and I believe CŌR Neuro can help do that. Neurofeedback offers a unique opportunity for employers to make positive changes in their workforce while also recognizing potential concerns they may have surrounding employee wellbeing.

Be your best you. It’s time.

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Neurofeedback is a beacon of hope! It helped me regain a clear mind. My mood improved, sleeping better, calmer and feel like I can tackle the world. I started seeing changes in a few sessions and the results keep continuing. It feels so good to take charge of my health and neurofeedback put me on the fast track. 

-Mandy M, Cash Management Supervisor


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